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CCHOA Member Spotlight

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Gary and Marjorie Anderson

The CCHOA community would like to recognize Gary Anderson as a CCHOA officer, creator and
editor of the Ripples newsletter for the past 20 years. Gary was instrumental in building our
membership from 18 to over 120 member to-date. Thanks Gary. We appreciate you!!
Good “Kreek” Memories by Gary Anderson
Wow, 24 years ago, my wife Marjorie and I bought our cabin in 1993 and began coming up to the
“Kreek.” What a great time we have had. We and our six grandsons have hiked all the trails around
the area - that is, until they became teenagers. “The cabin? Uh, I’m busy.”
So many great people around here we have gotten to know over the years. Some of them are still
with us and some of them have gone on. The ‘Rocks’ of the community: Clay Ashby, right across the
street, telling stories until the Cubs came on. Bob Lusson, directing the fall and spring cleanup of
leaves and branches - and spending the day watching as the huge pile burned to ashes. The ‘burns’
were at the LDS church yard early on, and, later, the meadow on Columbine. He would always have
some elk jerky to share as we tended the burn. Active CCHA leader, Mikey Marazza, (now living in
PA), was responsible for getting the County to install an upgrade to the walking bridge and so many
other things. Jim Oliver, an early president of CCHA who also chaired the committee that raised
$85,000 (wow!) to support the fuel-break clearing around Christopher Creek. Other ‘Rocks’, all with a
memory and a contribution: Ray Larsen, fire chief, who would drive around checking stuff, stop in and
have a chat; Jack Kalmire, long time guide, treasurer, etc. to the FireBelles, and two women with the
biggest, friendliest smiles: Mimi Tidwell and Marty Bethancourt.
I have been a member of CCHA for about 24 years. I served as president for about six years here and
there, secretary-treasurer and vice president. I started Ripples many, many years ago because people
recognized I had to get the BS out. (Makes you sick if you can’t get it out, trust me.)
It’s been great fun and rewarding. I am planning on doing a history story of what CCHOA has done
over the years and will see if the new editor won’t put it in Ripples. Flow on. Thanks.
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