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A Brief History of Christopher Creek, Arizona

by Rod Britain
1880 was the year that a French trapper, Isador Christopher, was known to have made his home on a
meadow along a creek which would later bear his name. He built his cabin only to have it burned by
Apaches in 1887. Isador branded livestock with a CI and thus the CI ranch makes up all of what is
now our little hamlet. The early 1900's saw the Bowman family drive their wagons off the Mogollon
Rim to later buy out Christopher's homestead. John Bowman raised hogs, cattle and horses.
The early 1930's found the Ashbys owning the ranch. The early 1950's marked the first sale of lots
due to an increasing popularity of the Rim country as a retreat from the desert heat. 1965 marked
the paving of the old wagon trail and more commercial ventures including the Christopher Creek Bar
and gas station. In 1970 a great flood came through and claimed one life. Creekside Steakhouse
arrived in 1972.
From the 1920's on, famous visitors traveled to Christopher Creek, among them was Zane Grey.
Others of note were a murderer, a bootlegger and Arizona's Official Historian, Marshall Trimble.
2005 was the year the highway bypass was completed, and the Creek became an ideal destination
for recreationalists and summer home owners. Today one of the more popular events is a patriotic
Fourth of July parade.
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